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“It was finally good we saw somebody on television like that as a black man. Ya‘ll got 90210 we went through three years of Flava of Love.“

“If I had a million dollars for 45 minutes of work, I‘d work 365 days a week.“

Native Chicago comic Aaron Foster can make you cringe and laugh at the same time. By his own admission, there is no topic that is off-limits and he does not censor himself on stage. So what you get is the real deal bitingly, raw, and honest takes on real life issues.

This becomes quite clear just a few minutes into listening to his new album, MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD THANK YOU FOR BURYING HIM ASAP. He riffs on everything from why women want an Obama man but, they don‘t have the desirable qualities to get one, and why Oprah gave away free KFC, to his friends with ugly babies, and a nightmare where he had to watch “Precious“ in 3-D. As he says: “This is the real shit!“

Foster has performed across 42 states, in four countries at over 1000 shows in the last 13 years. He performed in the Canadian Mist, Bud Light, and the Miller Genuine Draft comedy competitions. He opened for Grammy-nominated singer Jill Scott at Chicago‘s premier hot spot, The Metro and he was a semi-finalist on “Last Comic Standing.“ He was also a participant in the Las Vegas Comedy Festival - Play Vegas semi-finalist in 2007, and has performed for the troops over seas on a USO tour. Foster was featured as host of the Chicago underground hot spot Cosmos comedy lounge. He can be seen currently as a host and performer every week in Chicago at Jokes and Notes and Chicago Underground,

His other television credits include a Chicago- based television show “Ben Around Town,“ NBC‘s reality show “Starting Over,“ and ABC‘s “My Life As A Sitcom“.

2.Oprah KFC
3.Opah Miracle Twins
4.Black History Moment
5.Ugly Baby
6.Obama Role Model
7.Joe biden
8.What I Love
9.George Bush
10.3D Nightmare
12.Baby Bounce
15.Racist Montana Dude
16.Stripper Talk


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