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"The best way to sum up being thirty and single is this: girls are desperate for guys to get down on one knee, but guys are still desperate for girls to get down on both knees."

"The past few women I‘ve slept with have all been pretty similar, they‘re just getting progressively younger. It‘s like banging Benjamin Button."

Aaron Karo hates when bridesmaids conclude their speeches about how the bride and groom met with the tired phrase “...and the rest is history.“ His first one-hour stand-up special, THE REST IS HISTORY which premiered November 19th on Comedy Central, kicks off with this complaint and then runs the gamut from drunken friends who always start fights, to couples who take pictures of their feet while on vacation, to the singles table at weddings being filled with people in relationships.

Irreverent, insightful, and relentlessly funny, Karo offers a unique glimpse into the world of guys who defy convention, morality, and their moms in order to preserve their independence. Karo‘s trademark brand of storytelling - fast-paced personal anecdotes about drinking, dating, and debauchery - is on display as he unleashes a series of side-splitting observations about being thirty and unattached that keep the crowd roaring with delight. True to form, Karo ends his performance by revisiting those pesky bridesmaids in a deft and hilarious finale.

The special was taped live at the Wilbur Theatre in Boston during Karo‘s nationwide tour to promote his third bestselling book, I‘m Having More Fun Than You (HarperCollins 2009).

AARON KARO: THE REST IS HISTORY was released uncensored & uncut as a digital album through New Wave Dynamics on November 20th and reached #1 on the iTunes Comedy chart and #1 on Amazon‘s Comedy downloads.

Karo has performed on The “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson“ on CBS, and Comedy Central Records released his debut stand-up album Just Go Talk to Her in 2008. He is perhaps best known for his Ruminations email column, which began as a forward sent from his college dorm room and has since spawned a worldwide following. The column‘s popularity led to Karo‘s first two books, Ruminations on College Life (Simon & Schuster 2002) and Ruminations on Twentysomething Life (Simon & Schuster 2005). In 2008, Karo founded, a user-generated humor site and social network.

Originally from New York, Karo attended the University of Pennsylvania and made a brief stint on Wall Street before transitioning to comedy. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

1.Bridesmaids Shouldn‘t Make Speeches
2.My Friends Are Drunken Idiots
3.That Totally Unnecessary Shot
4.We Can‘t Kill Married People
5.Capricorns Give Great Head
6.Chicks In Ridiculously High Heels
7.Never Travel With Couples
8.One-Night Stands In Tokyo
9.Go Duck Yourself
10.Disconnected During Phone Sex
11.I‘ve Faked An Orgasm
12.Benjamin Button / I Hate Animals
13.I‘m Getting Wasted At Your Wedding
14.Hotmail And Children Are Deal Breakers
15.I Almost Impregnated My Girlfriend
16.The Rest Is History


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