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Hear Brian voice several characters on the new season of HBO‘s “The Life and Times of Tim.“ Airs Fridays at 9pm.

“We all have orgasms. We all sneeze. We all fart. Not always in that order. But sometimes all at once.“

SNEEZES, FARTS and ORGASMS, the trifecta of sweet release and hey, we all do it. It also happens to be the title of Brian Scolaro‘s new comedy album that gives us the best release of all - laughter. We get a whole hour of multiple laughasms with 27 tracks of live comedy, sketches, and even a hilarious five minute interview with Marc Maron and his WTF podcast.

With a smooth voice and sharp delivery he shares his warped ideas on appropriate behavior in church, how to perfect the prevention of auto theft, why good Italian food is like getting shot in the face, and when the best time is to kill someone. (Turns out it‘s New Year‘s Eve. Unless you want to shoot them, then you should do it on the 4th of July.)

Scolaro also has a gift for getting long laughs from one punchline by repeating it until it‘s lost all meaning becomes a sound effect and you‘ve caught yourself laughing at it all over again. Like when he does his imitation of what a car alarm should sound like on track 4, or a motorcycle sitting at stop light outside your window on track 10. And the convention is never more golden than during his signature Sneezes bit on track 20.

Most of the album was recorded live at the Improv in Irvine, CA where he often performs. Other tracks were taken from sets at the San Jose Improv and Lestat‘s in San Diego.

Born in Brooklyn, Brian began his comedy career on the NYC scene. Telling his parents he was at his ‘real‘ job he was actually out performing every night at the comedy clubs and became one of the city‘s favorites. After he appeared in the “New Faces Show“ at Montreal‘s Just For Laughs he landed several great roles in TV pilots until he made it on the air for two seasons as the smitten Stuart Miller in the Fox sitcom “Stacked,“ starring opposite Pamela Anderson and Christopher Lloyd.

His other TV roles include, NBC‘s “Harry‘s Law,“ Showtime‘s “Dexter,“ HBO‘s “The Life and Times of Tim,“ TNT‘s “Men of a Certain Age,“ Bob Odenkirk‘s “The Brothers Solomon.“ He appears as several characters on “The Life and Times of Tim“ and as Goblin, on the Disney Channel‘s “The Wizards of Waverly Place.“

He has performed his stand-up on “Late Night with Conan O‘Brien,“ “Live at Gotham,“ and ABC‘s “Comics Unleashed.“ In 2009 he shot his half hour special “Comedy Central Presents: Brian Scolaro.“

Scolaro on why Sneezes, Farts and Orgasms: “Cosby, Pryor, and Carlin all had material on farts. So I wrote a bit on sneezes. It kind of became my signature bit. And naturally that moved into my own fart area. Which is disgusting if you have ever been in that area. And orgasms seemed like a perfect way to cap it off. My act ends there cause I normally don‘t do anything after an orgasm. Except regret.“

2.The Fats
3.Drunk Driving
4.Car Alarms
5.Complaint #1
8.Another Argument
9.Garbage Truck
11.Complaint #2
13.WTF Interview
14.Someone 4 Everyone
16.Pope‘s Brother
17.Church And Ghosts
18.Complaint #3
21.Complaint #4
23.Complaint #8
24.Phone Sex
26.Flu Shots
27.Bonus Track Old Sneezes

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On camera interview with Brian Scolaro and Stars Entertainment

Congrats to Brian Scolaro for making the New York Post‘s Best 150 jokes list.
New York Post

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