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“For only $39.99 a month I can get herpes.“

“I got a message from Abigail and she wanted me to take her to the prom, but I am 29 years old.“

Carlos Kotkin is a ladies man, the kind of ladies man that developed from an only child who was overly attached to his Spider Man action figure. On his new album, STAND UP & STORIES FROM A HEART THROB he takes us into his world as a sexy beast. As a heart throb, Carlos loves to be tested for STDs because it makes him feel like a stud. When at the clinic and they ask him what he needs to be tested for he says ‘everything.‘ With a story-telling lilt to his highly personal jokes he shares his forays into the online dating word, his trouble making friends as a boy, and why he thinks eggs are disgusting. Ah, the life of a heartthrob.

He came into existence because his Father, from Southern California, met his Mother, from Mexico, while vacationing in Mexico City. He‘s the only documented case of a woman travelling from the United States to Mexico so she could have her baby.

Carlos worked in the hardware department of Sears for a time, despite not knowing anything about tools. When customers asked him questions, Carlos would make up stories about why this hammer was better than another. Finally, one customer called him on his storytelling and soon after that he decided to end his illustrious career at Sears. And begin his career in storytelling.

2.The H Word
4.For Lucy
5.Hurry Dating
6.My Second Prom
7.Happy Baby
8.Downward (Spiral) Dog

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The new comedy album from Carlos Kotkin “Stand Up & Stories From A Heart Throb“ is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other fine digital outlets.
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