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"I hate breakups. You go from all this regular sex... to none. And that really stinks. Especially when you‘re depending on that for your cardio"

Girls always think I‘m hitting on them. Doesn‘t matter what I say or how innocent it is. “Could you tell me how to get to the nearest 7-11?“ “Sure, turn here. Go past my boyfriend‘s house....

If you‘ve ever been frustrated by a relationship and you have a distorted, but healthy sense of humor, then Chris Valenti is the comic for you. Chris tells jokes and performs songs that touch upon the common truths of the humorous lives of single people.

On his new musical comedy album, LIVE EMOTIONAL WRECKAGE, Valenti shares stories of struggles, blunders, and missed opportunities, and the painfully funny universal suffering we all endure. He even has a Christmas song for the lonely and jilted titled “Single For The Holidays.“ His live show is part music, part comedy, part therapy, and part romance as well as action, adventure, mystery and sometimes horror. A philosopher of love usually, the kind of love that did not exactly make it to that ‘happily ever after‘ place.

A hopeful romantic with a wry sense of humor, Chris has the knack for using self-deprecation and vulnerability to weave stories about the hazards and frustrations of love and attempted relationships. He‘s become the cheerful motivator for the unlucky in love, because the best cure for a broken heart is laughing at someone else‘s.

Chris is also an actor and filmmaker. Remember the Da Da Da - Sunday Afternoon Volkswagen commercial? Well that was Chris Valenti sitting in the passenger seat. He also appeared in the feature film “17 Again,“ and has written, produced, and starred in two feature films, including multi-festival award winner, “Sensitive Johnson,“ a romantic comedy about a tenderhearted musician with a premature ejaculation problem.

2.Remember Me
3.Single Guy Radar
4.The Ring
5.First Wife
6.Christmas Cards
7.Single For Christmas
8.Dating Younger
9.Please Don‘t Text
11.You‘re Turning
12.Ex-Girlfriends Orgasm
13.Oh (FirstName)
14.Break Ups / Gym
15.Miss Her Vagina
16.Prisoner Interrogation
17.President Hilary Clinton
18.There‘ll Be Girls There
19.Girls Are Crazy

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The new comedy album from Chris Valenti is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and other fine digital outlets.
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