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“You should never watch porn to learn what to say to each other before sex.“

“I did a show in Nebraska one time, after the show three priests tackled me and started splashing holy water on me and that sh-t burns.“

On his new comedy album, WHO ATE ALL THE PIZZA, David Nickerson serves a raw, without-the-sauce look at the world. He tells us about his Aunt Suzie and her famous license plate that reads: “Tea Bagger.“ How he‘s dated older women and loves how they just want one thing, and it‘s not compassion. He also shares why girls are easier at church camp, and punches us with new spins on porno, drugs in America, and offensive observations.

The album includes one of Nickerson‘s most infamous bits his impersonation of a malfunctioning Chuck E. Cheese animal that was described in the following words by All Comedy Radio: “you can‘t describe it you just have to see it.“ Well, here at least you get to hear it.

He first appeared on a comedy stage in Los Angeles in 1998 under the guise that he could, in the very least, be funnier than half the people performing that night. The next week, he went on stage and proved to be correct.

Some of Nickerson‘s credits include opening for Dave Attell during the Insomniac Tour and performing at the Montreal Comedy Festival. He has also appeared on Howard Radio and All Comedy Radio. In November of 2007, he was one of the finalists in HBO‘s Lucky 21 Nationwide Comedy Competition and performed at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival at Caesar‘s Palace.

2.Family Reunion Debauchery
3.Aunt Suzie‘s Dicksock
4.The Dow-Chee
5.Christian Summer Camp
6.Porno Delusion
7.Horny Older Women
8.Reverse Psychology
9.The Muse From Chuck E. Cheese
10.Pot In America
11.Cocaine And Impotence
12.The Great Kool Aid Acid Joke
13.Mushrooms On The Price Is Right
14.Offensive Observations
15.Healthy People Die Early
16.The Muse From Chuck E. Cheese 2

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The new album from David Nickerson, “Who Ate All The Pizza?“ is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other fine digital outlets.
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