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“The best part about college to me was hanging and partying at someone‘s home whom you didn‘t know because you could steal shit.“

“When on a date with a German girl and I don‘t mean her ancestry is German. I mean off-the-boat German I‘m sitting there making small talk trying to find a common ground, but all I am thinking ‘is your grandpa a Nazi?“

Comedian Dave Siegel ponders the same life pressures that we all experience. You know, family, dating, Hitler, what to do with his Grandmother‘s remains even though she‘s not dead yet. Ok, maybe some of these issues are all his own. But we can laugh about the long-suffering experiences that he shares on his album, LIVE IN DC. Like ease dropping a therapy session, we get to hear about a blind date with a girl that resembles Patrick Hewing, his Jewish guilt, curious questions bout his conception, and his parents dropping hints about marriage as they fight over butter.

Siegel began his career in comedy as a doorman at the Improv Comedy Club in Washington, DC. And since his first show in 1999 at The Comic Strip in New York he has performed in premier comedy clubs across the country from Carolines on Broadway to the Laugh Factory on the Sunset strip. In 2004 he was selected for Comedy Central‘s “Laugh Riots.“ This show led to several appearances on CNN, MSG and FOX.

More recently, he wrote for and appeared in Comedy Central‘s short film comedy show “Atom TV.“ His films have also been featured numerous times on the main page of “Funny or Die“ and were seen at the 2010 Los Angeles Comedy Short Film Festival.

He currently has a weekly submission in “Life & Style“ magazine and can be heard on a regular basis on Sirius Satellite Radio. You can catch Dave‘s interactive question & answer web series “Dave & Jay Tell You Things“ on his website or by joining the group on Facebook.

1.Grandma Betty‘s Going To Die SoonSo That‘s Funny
2.Pressure To Get Married It‘s Win-Win
4.Hitler‘s Art Was Extremely Underrated
5.What Would Jesus Do?
6.Chinatown Is Full Of Asians!
7.I Don‘t Do Impressios, But If I Did, I Would Do “Willow“
8.Never Ask Someone If You Give Off A Gay Vibe
9.My Nephew Acts Like A Five-Year Old
10.Always End It With A Sh*t Joke

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