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"What kind of world do we live in when there‘s people walkin‘ around in public wearing Ed Hardy shirts? ...bring me the head of Jon Gosselin."

"Thin chicks do nothing for me, I like fat girls ... I like a girl wide as she is tall"

Eli Braden is the NEW KING OF MUSIC-BASED COMEDY and he has a song to turn around any sad-sack day, or at least make you laugh about it. The album includes 13 tracks of top notch alternative rock tinged with hip hop from the mind of a man who laments about his “White People Problems.“ But, the jokes go beyond a latte gone wrong, Braden reminds us that “Single Moms“ need love too, proclaims his love for “Fat Girls,“ and shares the perils of wearing “Adult Diapers.“

Braden‘s musical talent is a refreshing change from the usual low-fi musical comedy fare. As a matter of fact his musical career has included a stint on Island Records and a publishing deal with Warner-Chappell. He entered the musical comedy world a few years ago because he wanted to write comedy songs you would want to listen to more than once - even after you knew the joke.

Two of his big comedy influences are Tenacious D and “Mr. Show.“ And it definitely shows on tracks like “Britney Spears“ and “Ed Hardy Shirts.“

He has also created several music videos with his friend and fellow comedy crooner Zach Selwyn, including “TSA Gangstaz“ and “White People Problems“ both have became viral favorites. Inspired by the success of those videos he then crated videos for “Fat Girls“ and “Gay Ray.“

As a writer he has worked on G4‘s “Attack of the Show“ and “Web Soup.“ You can catch him performing regularly in Los Angeles and he‘ll be hitting the road in 2011.

1.White People Problems
2.Single Moms
3.My Kid
4.Fat Girls
5.Gay Ray
7.I Love You Period
8.Britney Spears
10.Ed Hardy Shirts
11.Adult Diapers
12.Revenge of the Nerds
13.white People Problems (clean)

Eli‘s SoundCloud
Funny or Die
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Check out the video for “White People Problems.“

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