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"I don‘t think Idaho is the kind of state you need to breakdown into regions."

"I hate people that call me back and tell me when to call them back."

You know Frank Nicotero, he‘s THAT STREET SMARTS GUY. Well, he‘s the guy that hosted the hit syndicated show “Street Smarts“ for 5 years. On his new comedy album Frank brings his street smarts to the stage, letting us all know what he thinks about cops, colonoscopies, cell phones, Cialis, and condoms. He also shares why porn isn‘t the same as real life, and why it‘s better to hit a deer with a Ford than a Nissan.

You can see Frank recapping last night‘s TV highlights everyday on Yahoo TV‘s “PRIMETIME TIME IN NO TIME“ ( web series. The show just surpassed 400 million views and is the most successful show in the history of the internet. His new weekly sports recap show “OUT OF BOUNDS“( recently premiered with great numbers.

Frank hosted 800 episodes of the highly rated “Street Smarts“ that still airs regularly on GSN.

Frank has also appeared on “Chelsea Lately,“ Fox‘s “The Sports List,“ NBC‘s “Funniest Christmas Moments,“ VH1‘s “The Cheesiest Videos of All Time,“ “The Rosie O‘Donnell Show,“ “The Wayne Brady Show,“ and co-hosted “The Sharon Osbourne Show.“

In addition to standup and hosting, Frank has written and produced shows for MTV, Fox Family, and Disney.

1.Intro/Pasadena To Vegas
2.I Am Drinking Tonight/Pulled Over
3.“Did You Hit IGNORE On Me?“
4.Bachelor Party/Porn
5.Kegs Of Water
6.Miley Cyrus
7.Price Tag On My Shirt/Canadian Girl
8.Hit A Deer With My Car
9.Porsche Engine
10.Cialis And Condoms
11.Birthdays And Street Smarts
12.“I‘m 40!!!“/Colonoscopy/Physical Exam
13.EngagedTo A Girl
14.Girls Win Fights/Sham Wow
15.The Maury Povich Door

Primetime In No Time on Yahoo
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