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Crazy billionaire - “If I had 5 billion dollars I would wear a cape everyday, and when people would ask “why is that guy wearing a cape? just for fun, Id put a 100 dollar bill in their mouth.“

On seeing Kanye West in concert - “He compared himself to Martin Luther King Jr. And I thought how do you compare those two? MLK was assassinated fighting for civil liberties and human rights. Kanye got in a car accident and wrote Gold Digger.

Hasan Minhaj‘s life is like a rap video cigars, expensive cars, and explosions - at least that‘s how its depicted on the cover of his new comedy album, LEANING ON EXPENSIVE CARS AND GETTING PAID TO DO IT. Recorded live at The Purple Onion in San Francisco, the album showcases his love for pop culture, the internet, American athletes, and hip-hop.

Minhaj has established himself as a young comedic voice of Generation Y, poking fun at Kanye‘s outbursts, YouTube comments, and of course, himself. With sharp wit and rapid fire delivery, Minhaj transforms himself from class clown to emerging social commentator. Whether its wishing he could live in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1700‘s (for the ladies of course) or discussing the use of vague Facebook status updates, he shows maturity and range in his voice dissecting larger sociopolitical issues such as diversity and the values crisis of America.

An added treat for comedy fans are the rap-inspired skits on the album. While the bravado in play pays homage to classic Wu-Tang and DMX albums, the subject matter shows the not-so-glorious business of standup comedy. Whether its hustling for stage time, or gaining industry ‘cred‘ by auditioning for a ‘Street fighter sequel, the skits show the very real story of every comics journey to success.

The album was produced by hip hop producer Cook Classics (The New Classics Mixtape).

LEANING ON EXPENSIVE CARS AND GETTING PAID TO DO IT serves as a great snapshot in time for Hasan Minhaj a snapshot of a funny young comic who happens to like cigars, cars, and explosions.

Hasan Minhaj is a comedian, actor, and writer based in Los Angeles, California. He is currently playing the character of Seth of on the ABC Family comedy “State of Georgia.“ He was recently part of the viral promotional prank as Jeff the inventor of the “Stun-Fone.“ The campaign, created by Stun Creative, blew up all over the internet and was picked up by the LA Times, Wall Street Journal, and CBS News.

Hasan has appeared on E!‘s ‘Chelsea Lately and is a regular correspondent on Yahoo!‘s OMG the 411. Originally from San Francisco‘s booming comedy scene he quickly became a regular at the world famous Punchline Comedy Club working with some of the nations top headlining acts. As the winner of Sierra Mists Best Comic Standing he performed at LiveNation‘s Comedy Jam, the nations largest comedy concert. In 2009 he was a national finalist in NBC‘s Standup for Diversity and signed on to join their prestigious National College Touring Company. The same year he performed at the Aspen Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, and was featured in Punchline Magazine.

1.The Giggle Hut (Skit)
2.The Curve
3.No One Is Here
4.Facebook (Screw You Zimbabwe)
5.YouTube Comments
6.The Bringer Show (Skit)
7.The Cancer Curing Baby
8.My Roommate
10.Takin‘ It To The Max
11.Addicted To Videogames
12.Madd Comedians (Skit)
13.Caped Crusader
14.Captain Planet
15.Powerline Entertainment (Skit)
16.Kanye West
17.America‘s Athletes
18.Family Support (Skit)
19.Ethnic Food

Stun-Fone viral video on YouTube
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Hasan Minhaj is hosting the new MTV show “Failosophy“ - a half-hour, studio-based panel show featuring the internet‘s biggest fails.

Hasan Minhaj hosting new MTV series!

Hasan Minhaj Explains How to Look Very Important in this interview with Chris Illuminati of GuySpeed.

Hasan stars in another fun viral video. This one for JawBone Jam Chain which features a geek parody of Ice Cube‘s song “It Was a Good Day.“

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