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“Jewish women never put down their purse, if it‘s not in their lap it‘s on the floor and their touching it with their foot, or they are handcuffed to it.“

“I went to Nashville, I got off the plane and these two mobile homes were parked on top of each other, “I said, what is it?“ They said, “That‘s a duplex.“

Like your best friend who keeps you laughing so hard your sides hurt, Jason Stuart delights us with a fun fast-paced ride on his new album, GAY COMEDY WITHOUT A DRESS. Recorded live, you can hear that the audience can barely catch their breath between laughs as he dishes on everything from celebrities to Gay Day at Disney World. And, if having a crazy family is comedy gold, then Jason is a very rich man. His parents are divoriced and his Mother used to wear high heels on the beach. His over-eating brother asks too many ‘gay‘ questions, and Grandma Molly has a chronic ‘free‘ problem.

Jason has accomplished what few other gay comics have ever achieved: brutal honesty and laugh out loud funny. Not only is he an all-out crowd pleaser, but he transcends the boundaries of race, gender and sexual orientation with his edgy comedic style. Stuart‘s material about his experiences as a single Jewish gay man living in Hollywood is original, cutting edge and just plain funny.

Stuart has performed at all of the top comedy clubs & comedy festivals and hundreds of gay events & prides, colleges & universities, and even on Broadway. He cannot be stopped!

He just appeared in an episode of MTV‘s new series “Warren the Ape.“ His other vast TV appearances include, Logo‘s comedy series, “One Night Stand-Up,“ & “Wisecrack“. His own one hour stand-up comedy special, “Jason Stuart: Making It To The Middle“ for Here! TV. He has wowed audiences with guest roles in hit TV shows such as “The Closer,“ “Will & Grace,“ “George Lopez,“ “Everybody Hates Chris,“ “House, M.D“ “It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,“ and “Charmed.“

Additionally, he‘s going to making a cameo appearance in Entourage this summer and appearing in the TV movie “ Home Invasion“ starring Haylie Duff and C. Thomas Howell. His year continues to heat up with several more movie roles in “Stand In“ and “Monkey Man.“

He is currently filming the indie romantic comedy‘s “Finding Mr. Right.“ and “Walk a Mile in My Prada‘s“. He was featured in the hit comedy movie “A Day Without a Mexican“ and the HBO award winning drama “Gia.“ He has become a major player in the independent film world after being nominated for a Gay International Film Award for best supporting actor in “Coffee Date.“ Proving that he is more than just an actor and comedian, he also produced and starred in his own totally improvised independent film “10 Attitudes.“ This award winning romantic comedy proved to be a huge success both in the U.S. and abroad. In addition to that, he just completed the remake of Edgar Allan Poe‘s horror film, “The Pit & the Pendulum“ where he plays the villain.

2.Celebrity Dish
3.The Bisexuals
4.Travelling The Country
5.Porno Awards
6.Disney Movies
7.My Crazy Family
8.High Heels On The Beach
9.My Brother‘s Question
10.Grandma Molly
11.Orthodox Jews
12.The Clintons
13.Getting Older
15.I Wanna Get Married
16.My Boyfriend‘s Black
17.Younger Guys
18.Questions & Answers
19.Will & Grace
20.The Military Issue

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Congratulations to Jason Stuart for making the New York Post 5th Annual Joke Feature.
New York Post

Congrats to Jason Stuart for making the New York Post‘s Best 150 jokes list.
New York Post

Jason love his vinyl LPS!

Hear Jason on the radio program Get Off My Lawn.
Get Off My Lawn

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