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“Back in my day we didn‘t have ADD and lactose intolerance. We just had just stupid kids that vomited milk.“

some of his weaknesses - “In every interview they ask, what are some of my weakness? You have to hire me to find this out.“

On his Mom finding his porn - “I glance over and see my mom standing in the doorway with my dirty magazine. “I just remember thinking those two things are not supposed to be together.“

Jay Malone, maple syrup, Mounties, and beavers - all some of Canada‘s best exports. Malone covers a wide range of topics on his new comedy album, SOME OF MY WEAKNESSES, and beavers are just one of them. After listening to his excitable, sarcastic delivery as he shares his thoughts on bear attacks, hockey, boobs, and airport security, it becomes apparent comedy is not one of his weaknesses. The album may have been recorded in Canada. But, the funny crosses all borders.

Watch Jay Malone on Showtime‘s popular standup comedy event known as “LOL“ on Thursday 11/27 at 11:30pm ET/PT. Then you can watch it on-demand until 2/22! the special delivers a hilarious blend of rising talents and established stars that take the stage to entertain audiences with their freshest, funniest material in this original concert series.

Malone has been headlining comedy clubs across North America and Canada for the past seven years. In 2009 he shot his own half hour Showtime Comedy Special which will be airing this summer. He will be returning to the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal in July to shoot his second gala. His first gala came in 2005, the year after he won the National Homegrown Competition, making him the only comic to win that contest and perform a gala the very next year in festival history. Also in 2005, Jay shot his own one hour nationally televised comedy special “Comedy NOW!“ for CTV in Canada, which then led to his nomination as “Best Male Standup Comic“ at the Canadian Comedy Awards.

In addition to standup, Jay is also an accomplished actor and has appeared in guest starring roles on “The Big Bang Theory,“ “Monk“, “NICIS LA,“ “Boston Legal,“ “Worst Week of My Life,“ and “Dollhouse.“ Last year he was awarded first prize in a Fox sponsored animation competition for his short “Santa Intervention“. As a result he was signed to a development deal with Fox and is currently developing his own animated series.

1.Divorce Ceremony
3.Airport Security
4.Great Wall of China
5.Some of my Weaknesses
7.Push Pull Door
8.Bear Attack
10.Dirty Magazine
14.Penis Key
15.Myspace Girlfriend
18.Tough Guys
19.Punching Bags
20.Dog and Hiking
21.Sidney Crosby

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Watch Jay Malone & Jay Haden deliver Rapid Fire Tabloid News... with an edge.

Jay Malone cast in Conan OBrien-Produced Comedy Pilot.

Jay Malone dreams about Obama not taking out the garbage

Dynamic of the Day - Jay Malone‘s “Sum of My Weaknesses.“ (On an iPad or don‘t have flash, just follow the link below to listen.)

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