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"Asian girls look 17 years old until they hit 80 years old and then they turn into Yoda."

"I love games, even when I‘m by myself. Did you ever play the game where you‘re walking home alone at night, wasted and you have to get the key in the door before the imaginary killer stabs you in the back?"

If Jay Montepare told a joke in the forest would it make a sound? The answer is yes, it would make the resonating sound of laughter. His new comedy album, THE SOUND THAT JOKES MAKE, is not a scientific exploration in the auditory transference of humor, but a celebration of the ridiculous moments in life that resonate with us all.

Highlights include his stories of how he learned Spanish from a teacher with a lisp, why he is weirded out by women‘s eyebrows, his beliefs about mustaches, and the confession that he avoids fights, well... because he can‘t fight.

Jay began his career in Boston as the host of “Boston‘s Best Comedy Show,“ as awarded by The Boston Phoenix newspaper. His voice can be heard on XM Radio, Nextel, AT& T, and Sprint Comedy Time entertainment zones. He has performed alongside Alonzo Bodden in a Pay-Per-View special and appeared on New England Sports Network‘s “Comedy All-Stars“ with host Tommy Davidson. He currently produces two successful comedy rooms in Los Angeles and performs for colleges regularly. He can be seen regularly at The Improv, The Comedy Store, and The Icehouse.

2.Weird Response
3.Stupid Sayings
4.Soccer Mom
5.Women‘s Eyebrows
6.New License
7.Afraid Of Cops
8.Road Work By Permit Only
9.Spanish Lisp
10.Latino Culture
12.Quit Smoking Pot
13.Capes And Masks
14.Old Wars
16.Gay Eyes
17.Gay Pitcher
18.God Is Latent?
19.Games I Play
20.Retail Sports Jerseys
21.Video Game Blamed
22.Asian Girls
24.Guys Are Gross

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Jay‘s new album “The Sound That Jokes Make“ is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and other fine digital stores.
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