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"The question still lingers and so does the smell - I have questionable beef"

"If you wanna party hard, you gotta hydrate...I‘m a rock star."

Forged in the still-smoldering ashes of turn-of-the-90s cock rock and grunge, Lola Balatro has begun its riveting ascent up the sacred mountain of rocklore. This Chicago-based trio generates a sonic fury that should inspire all regurgitating emo-core wannabes to recalculate their paint-by-the-numbers McRock. (I should also mention that they are very funny.)

From the pose to the puns these rock gods turn the musical comedy genre on its ear. On their self titled album on New Wave Dynamics LOLA BALATRO they give us the award-winning, angst ridden “Questionable Beef,“ the ballad of every well hydrated pop celeb on “Rock Star,“ and they pull their heads out on the aptly titled “Basement Head.“

Frontman Jeff Madden‘s soulful howl is in overdrive and vocal co-conspirator Paul Thomas provides versatile crooning and unremitting rhythm guitar riffs. Having imbibed the hooch of the guitar gods at an early age, axman Cork Kangas shreds with buck-naked aggression, carving out solos from the subtle bombast that defines LB‘s hysterical anthems.

If Tenacious D is the ‘greatest rock band in the world‘ then Lola Balatro is the funniest. These enigmatic troubadours skillfully meld the profundity of poet laureates with the libido of longshoremen.

The band is named after lead guitarist Cork‘s great aunt who was a burlesque dancer in World War II in Germany. Her stage name was Lola Balatro.

Lola Balatro‘s video for “Questionable Beef“ has received the following Grade A endorsements:

- Official Selection in the LA Comedy Shorts Festival.

- Winner of the Audience Award at Seattle Sketchfest.

- Nominee for Best Music Video for the Best of the Midwest Awards.

1.Rock Star
3.I Got 2 Black Friends
4.Name That Panda
5.Questionable Beef
6.Hey Now
7.Wrecking Ball
8.Access (To Your Heart)
10.Basement Head

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Lola Balatro joins Ego TV for a tasty round of Would You Rather.
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The video for Lola Balatro‘s “Questionable Beef“

Songs in the Key of Laughter: Talking with Lola Balatro By Teme Ring
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