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“The reason women love you in the beginning of the relationship is the same reason they hate you in the end“

“You‘re still a smart-ass now you‘re just getting paid for it.“ - Lou‘s father

People pay a lot of money for a therapist, but you could download Lou Santini‘s new album, LET‘S GET BLOATED, and get all the advice on life and laughs that you need.

In his signature rapid-fire delivery he shares the love/hate relationship of his daily dealings with stupid people on the road, at the beach, at the mall, and in restaurants.

On the title track he explains why a waitress thought an egg-white omelet consisted of the shells, why all of us will eventually wind up at Denny‘s, and why Pepsi will always be #2.

With guns loaded, he attacks his other favorite trio of trauma: sex, being single, and relationships. (Who else is going to tell you to stay married because of the carnage in the single world?) He proves his point by revealing his own dating drama and riffing on real (ridiculous) Craig‘s List singles ads. If you still feel like you need a therapist, go ahead, but they won‘t be half as funny.

His TV comedy appearances include “Frank TV,“ “Playboy TV,“ and “TV Guide Channel,“ and he was one of the writers and co-hosts of the popular web series “1TrackMind.“

Lou‘s 20+-year career includes standup comedy, radio, TV hosting, commercials, and voiceovers. He has performed for audiences of 20 to 20,000, ages 8 to 80, “Rated G“ to “R“, headlining at clubs, colleges, military shows, and corporate events.

Audiences nationwide laugh ‘til their cheeks hurt when Lou dishes out his hilarious, witty, clever, universal material served with a side of sarcasm. Armed with his smartly crafted, absurd anecdotes, a sharp wit and an ability to make very simple things funny, his take on life‘s hassles, detours, and frustrations that everyone faces will stay with you for a lifetime!

2.Stupid Much?
3.Cars & G-Strings
4.Smokin‘ N‘ Flyin‘
5.The Shack
6.People + Food = Stupid
7.Let‘s Get Bloated
8.The Pen Guy
9.Mall Madness
10.Boobs N‘ Sex N‘ Stuff
11.The Ex Factor
13.Craig‘s List Pt. 1
14.Craig‘s List Pt. 2
15.Sex Advice
16.Relationship Advice

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The new album from Lou Santini “Let‘s Get Bloated“ is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other fine digital outlets
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