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"Goodbye Dr. Spock Hello Maria Walsh!"

"I will do anything for a good nights sleep, I gave my kids benedryl and dimetapp, a mom needs her rest!"

Maria Walsh is America‘s Naughtiest Mommy - redfining parenting and offering some original tips on her aptly titled new album from New Wave Dynamics, THE NAUGHTY MOMMY TOUR.

She may appear like a classic SUV-driving, latte-drinking, suburban soccer mom but Walsh says what most people are thinking but are afraid to say.

In the era of child worship, Walsh mocks the art of child rearing in a hilarious fashion that gets mommies and daddies laughing so hard they can‘t hear the babysitter calling on their blackberries!

Growing up with four older brothers, Maria learned how to use humor to get heard. For over a decade, with hundreds of shows under her garter belt, she has fine-tuned her act and earned the respect in clubs and casinos across America.

Her version of Twisted Parenting has earned her a place in the top echelon of the nation‘s comediennes.

Her quit wit, combined with coordinating facial expressions give Walsh a memorable stage presence.

America‘s Naughtiest Mommy also offers up some hilarious in-your-face marriage commentary that guarantees equal laughs from the single crowd as well.

Shock and Awe Then Roar after Maria Walsh Shares her stories about Parenting Outside the Margins and Love and Marriage. Come out and catch Maria as her Naughty Mommy Tour goes National! America‘s Naughtiest Mommy is Here and She‘s On Fire!

1.Little League
2.Drug Your Kid
3.Cool Mom
5.Automated Phone Lady
6.Married Guy
7.Old Guy
8.Married for 20 Years
9.Black Neighborhood
11.Irish & Indian
12.Italians & Jews
13.Fat Bastards
14.Porno Fans
15.What It‘s Like for Women

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