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“You know you live in a small apartment when you can say, “I was sitting on my bed last night making pasta...“

Relationship advice: “Don‘t listen to music together don‘t have a ‘song. Because the next thing you know you‘re in the dairy section at the grocery store trying to decide between 2 and whole milk, a Dido song comes on and you‘re crying holding up the 10 items or less lane.“

Matt Baetz is like one of those great friends who will buy you a beer and trade stories with you. Recorded live at the coolest little speakeasy comedy club in LA, THE COMEDY CAR HOLE PRESENTS: MATT BAETZ, is filled with intimate stories and rants about family, relationships, and cooking in very small apartments. He even pulls out his guitar and sings about tractors, people who ski in jeans, and the fact that his girlfriend is a lesbian.

Craig Ferguson called Baetz, “One of my favorite comedians in America“ prior to his first appearance on “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Since then, he has performed as a stand-up on the show four times and has appeared over 30 times as a featured sketch performer.

He recently joined forces with other talented comedians to entertain the men and women of our military on USO/AFE tours to the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

Baetz starred in the television pilot, “The Matt Baetz Project, and in the Ford Motor Companys 2008 “Ford Flex“ campaign after appearing in their 2007 campaign, “Escape from Boredom.

You can catch Matt sharing his comedy in clubs nationwide. But I cant guarantee the free beer.

1.Fortune Cookie
3.Kitchen Standoff, Pt. 1
4.Kitchen Standoff, Pt. 2
5.I Need Some Space
8.Jean Skier
9.My Girlfriend Is A Lesbian

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 5/7/10
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Download Matt on the “Get Off My Lawn“ syndicated radio show.
Gett Off My Lawn radio show on iTunes

Catch Matt Baetz on “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson“ on 5/7. This will be Matt‘s fourth appearance on the show.
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