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"See Melinda every Monday night at 8pm for WHAT‘S UP TIGERLILLY at the Hollywood Studio Bar n grill in Hollywood."

"I am not married but, I have a boyfriend and he‘s married so I get it."

"I have the kind of friends who will take time out of my surprise party they‘re throwing to let me know I drink too much."

The economy got you down? Wondering how you can get ahead in life? Well, comedian and unemployed career expert Melinda Hill has all the answers (or at least all the laughs). Just by listening to her new album, POWER HOT TUBBING AND OTHER WAYS TO PROSPER, you too can learn how to throw parking tickets away and go buy yourself something nice. You‘ll also finally understand how to become a networker, a situation handler, and be the power hot tubber you‘ve always wanted to be.

Featuring Jacob Meszaros and house band Jack Ruby, the album comes complete with a helpful and hilarious Q& A session. So download your copy today and start laughing your way to a better you.

Melinda can most recently be seen playing various nut-jobs on Comedy Central‘s “Pretend Time with Nick Swardson“ produced by Adam Sandler and in the film “Bright Day“ from the producer of “Arrested Development.“ She can be heard as the voice of Princess Doctor on the cartoon “Adventure Time“. She has also appeared on “Reno 911,“ “The Sarah Silverman Program“, “Important Things With Demetri Martin,“ “Frank TV,“ “The Winner“ with Rob Corddry, and Chris Kattan‘s “Bollywood Hero.“ Her stand-up has been featured on “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,“ “Bonnie Hunt Show,“ BBC‘s “World Stands Up,“ “NESN‘s Comedy All Stars,“ “Comics Unleashed,“ and most recently when she hosted Byron Allen‘s series “Comedy.TV.“

In addition to being a regular at comedy clubs like the Improv, she also frequently performs at story telling shows like the Moth and Sit N Spin. Her short stories have been published in LA Innuendo, Opium Magazine, and LA Weekly Comedy Issue and will soon be available on an audio-book produced by New Wave Dynamics. You might also recognize Melinda from the internet sensation “Confessions of a Tooth Fairy“ with SNL‘s Kristen Wiig. She‘s written three solo shows and several short films and her weekly stand-up show “What‘s Up Tiger Lily“ (with co-creator Maria Bamford) has been recommended in Delta Sky Magazine.

1.Crowd Work By Professional Warm Up Comic Peanut Butter
2.House Band Jack Rudy
3.Power Pointers - Keep Your Chin Up
4.The Early Bird Catches The Rapist
5.Power Hot Tubbing
6.Get Chummy With Charity
7.Situation Handler TM
8.Creating Opps
12.Instructional Q& A

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Congratulations to Melinda Hill making the New York Post 5th Annual Joke Feature.
New York Post

Listen to Melinda on “Get Off My Lawn“ radio show.
Get Off My Lawn

Melinda Hills‘s new comedy album, “Power Hot Tubbing And Other Ways To Prosper,“ is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other fine digital stores.

Catch Melinda every Monday at 8pm at one of the best comedy shows in Town - “WHAT‘S UP TIGER LILY?“ Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill in Gower Gulch.
What‘s Up ‘Tiger Lily?
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