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On the differences between modern man and a real man - “Do you think your Father would spend $150.00 on a t-shirt cause it has a dragon on it? No, your Dad didn‘t even have Q-tips, he used keys.“

“Ladies, you can spray us with whatever you want... 30 minutes later we‘ll smell like balls again.“

“You ever notice that if your wife or girlfriend ever gets too drunk and throws up it‘s never her fault.“

Texas native, Steve Trevino gets straight to the point on his new comedy album STEVE TREVINO LIVE. He gives new meaning to the phrase ‘working man‘ and we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor with laughter. Infusing his stand-up with real-life stories and physical humor that creates an honest and raw stage dynamic, he tells us why there are only a few real men left in the world. He has no problem with a man who takes care of himself but, “you can‘t wear a $500.00 outfit if you rent.“ This is obviously one of many valuable (and funny) lessons he learned from his Father. With most of the tracks dedicated to re-telling how is Father made him a man, he shares cautionary tales that make for some serious and endearing family humor.

But, Trevino doesn‘t forget about the women, he spends plenty of time adoring his Mother and digging into relationships by explaining the lady trap and why women posses magic. This logically leads to the topic of drinking too much where he leaves us with a dead-on re-enactment of how women behave when they are drunk. Mr. Trevino, we salute you.

After graduating from high school he became the door man at the local Improv Comedy Club. He moved up and later became House MC after proving his skills on open-mic nights at the club. Since then he has appeared on the “Three Amigos Comedy Tour“ and worked on Comedy Central‘s “Mind of Mencia“ as a writer and performer.

Trevino‘s other TV credits include “Comic‘s Unleashed with Byron Allen,“ BET‘s “Comic View,“ MUN2‘s “Loco Comedy Jam,“ SiTV‘s “Latino Laugh Festival,“ Gala‘s “Que Locos,“ and SYN‘s “Daily Buzz.“ He currently lives in Los Angeles and performs in comedy clubs throughout the country.

1.On The Road With Nick
2.Doggy Cockblocked
3.Sh*t Men Deal With
4.Grown Man Scent
5.My Dickhead Dad
6.What Dads Do
7.Like Father Like Son
8.Don‘t Drink And Drive
9.The Lady Trap
10.Women Are Witches
11.Getting Too Drunk

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Watch Steve Trevino‘s one-hour comedy special on SHOWTIME Oct. 4 at 10pm.

The new album “Steve Trevino Live“ is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other fine digital outlets.
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