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“Every guy dumps me and says,“ Tracy, you have low self esteem. I was like I slept with you didn‘t I.“

“I got a plant and the lady at the store said I should talk to it everyday about my life. I got home the other day and it hung itself in the shower.“

Already a star in Canada, Tracey MacDonald exploded onto the American comedy scene after her first week in L.A. she was a four-time Two Hundred Thousand Dollar winner on CBS‘s “New Star Search“ with Host Arsenio Hall. Beating out seven of the top comedians in the United States she signed a two tear sitcom development deal with CBS.

After fifteen million people voted Tracey their favorite comic she was approached by Producers to audition for 2010 America‘s Got Talent.

Tracey has lived in Los Angeles for the past seven years and has become a regular at all the top clubs. She has worked with and written for some of the best comedians in the business.
Just some of her TV credits include appearances on the CBS “Early Show,“ Comedy Central, “Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen,“ The E! Network, Spike TV, Comedy TV, and “Bob and Tom,“
She just released her first comedy album, ALWAYS SCARED which showcases her brand of fast-paced, straight-forward, personal humor.

A book about her life in Hollywood is in the works, having just signed a book deal. It will be all about her life and experiences and struggles with the ups and downs of stand-up comedy, her love life and how she turned her life around after her struggles with the temptations and life in the entertainment industry.

You can hear Tracey now in her role as a Hollywood entertainment reporter on Canadian Radio every week doing topical material on celebrities from her home in Los Angeles. This will soon be airing across Canada during “Top 40 Countdown“ which will include All Air Canada Flights.

2.Good Looking Again In Canada
5.Shopping In L.A.
6.Women Shopping
7.West Hollywood
8.Won Two Hundred Grand On Star Search
9.Canadian Parents At Christmas/Learning Channel
10.My Sign Is Libra
11.Plant Store
12.Hockey Rink In Afghanistan
15.Self Exam
16.Lazy In Bed
17.St. F.X. University
18.Hurt Myself Working Out
19.House Wives
20.Waking Up
21.Meeting Mix Up
22.Guitar Players
23.Cyber Dating
24.Men & Women
25.Being Single

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