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“You ever been so drunk your friends talk to you like a dog?“

“I got a merit badge when I was in the Boy Scouts for keeping secrets“

Remember that annoying kid in grade school who would always remind the teacher to assign homework? Well Troy Baxley was the kid who heckled that kid and he hasn‘t stopped since. Now with two digital albums from the insanely-funny mind of Baxley, we can all benefit from his life smarts. LIFE SMARTS and LIFETIME C-STUDENT are filled with dead-on jokes mirroring the thoughts and attention spans of America‘s largest demographic: Lifetime “C“ Students.

Twice a national finalist at the prestigious HBO Comedy Festival, Baxley is already well-known in comedy circles. He‘s the comic that other comics, from open-mic‘ers to top A-List comedians, watch every chance they get. But, as The Onion newspaper points out - “only recently has his weird brand of improv comedy started to penetrate the mainstream.“

Sometimes the best acts are the hardest to describe. How do you describe a comic who goes on a five minute love-rant about his girlfriend‘s beautiful jacked up buck teeth, then waxes poetic about a side-street meat-jones trying to get some cross-town she-hobo?

Don‘t worry, he doesn‘t know what it means either, but that‘s half the point, and why the Las Vegas Sun said “Don‘t let the rational and mild mannered shell fool you, Baxley can get as twisted as they come.“
Tracklisting LIFE SMARTS
1.Intro And Poop
2.Drunk Test
3.Trailer Park People In The House
4.Irish Days
5.Bengals In Jail
7.Take A Limo, Man
8.Flavor Hole
9.Speaker Phones
10.Wrong Name
11.Burning Hate
12.Hot News Out Of Denver
13.C Student For Life
14.Lame Joke
15.More C Student Crap
16.Lifetime Loser
17.Beautiful On The Inside
18.Wrappin In Akron
19.Boy Scouts

1.C Student For Life
2.Guy From Creed
3.Sex With An Ex
4.Down There
5.Merit Badge
6.Three Day Bender
7.Mom‘s Eggnog
8.Guy From Creed Part 2
10.A Story For Life
11.A Story From Creed Returns
12.Ex Girlfriend
13.Winning The Lottery
14.Jack Bucked Teeth
15.Bowler‘s Thumbhole
16.Best Job Ever
18.Company Picnic
19.Unconditional Love
20.Dobbie Pot Weed Smoke
21.Bench Clearing Brawl
22.My Leg Is In That Shark
23.Triple XL


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two hilarious comedy albums from Troy Baxley are now available on iTunes, Amazon and other fine digital outlets.
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