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“The World‘s Only Outlaw Country Singin‘ Freestyle rappin‘ Jewish Cowboy.“

Sample lyric - “Young girl came up to me in Tupelo and said, “You‘re really funny, you had a dope show. She flashed me her thong and winked her eye. Who‘s going to get laid? This guy.“

In a musical style usually associated with songs about heartbreak, comedian/musician Zach Selwyn pushes the boundaries of simple country songs. On his new album entitled, PLUCK YER TWANGER, he sings the melodies of yester-year with lyrics about today‘s absurdities. He shares with us parenting advice about how to use a little alcohol to get a baby to fall asleep. There‘s a little diddy about how an R& B superstar got a sexually transmitted disease through another superstar and eventually found its way to Zach. And he croons about the great time he had with Johnny Knoxville while visiting Hollywood and the special golden gift they left for the Hollywood sign. Selwyn puts the wang in Twanger and comedy in country.

Zach recently appeared in “Glory Daze“ on TBS as metal rocker Billy Magucci and will be seen in a recurring role on the new season of “Greek“ on ABC Family, and is currently the TV host on Atom TV on Comedy Central. He is best known as the host of Discovery Science Channel‘s hit show “Catch it Keep it“ and “Punkin Chunkin.“ Zach also hosted the comedic sports talk show, “Fanarchy“ on Versus in 2009 and starred in the Budweiser Clydesdale Fetch Super Bowl commercial that was voted top ten of all time. His sketch comedy group led him to become a traveling comedic correspondent on G4‘s #1 hit live show “Attack of the Show“ from 2006-2008. He also hosted “CQC“ with Greg Giraldo and appeared in such films and television shows as “Dead and Breakfast,“ “Stargate Atlantis,“ and “That 70‘s Show.

1.How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card
2.16 Will Get Me 20
3.She Found My Jizz Rag
5.TSA Gangstaz
6.Get Yer Dick Away From My Daughter
7.Liquor On The Gums
8.Vulva In The Volvo
9.Chris Brown Got Herpes From Rihanna
10.Two At Ten, Ten At Two
11.Malka Fagelschwartz-Steinberg (Part 1)
12.Zach‘s Chat Roulette Rap
13.Malka Fagelschwartz-Steinberg (Part 2)
14.Johnny Knoxville

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Congratulations to Zach Selwyn for making the New York Post 5th Annual Joke Feature.
New York Post

Zach played hard rockin hair metal groom BILLY MAGUCCI on the Dec. 28th episode of TBS ht show “GLORY DAZE.“
on the set

Big Ben Comedy gets ‘technical with Zach Selwyn.

Who is Still Listening to Vinyl? Zach Selwyn is and he loves Warren Zevon.

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